A vacuum cleaner dealership sold 370 units in 2011 and 411 units in 2012. Find the percent increase or decrease in the number of units sold.The number of units sold increased or decreased? by about what percent?

Accepted Solution

Answer: The percent of Increase is of 11.08% (0.1108)Step-by-step explanation:Hello, great question. These types are questions are the beginning steps for learning more advanced Algebraic Equations.Since we have two different values for two different years, we can use the following Algebraic Expression to calculate the percent difference of sales between both years. The Expression would be the following,[tex]370 * (x+1) = 411[/tex]Where x is the percent difference. Now we solve for x, [tex]370 * (x+1) = 411[/tex][tex]x+1 = 1.1108[/tex][tex]x = 0.1108[/tex]so now we see that the percent of Increase is of 11.08% (0.1108)I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.