An analgesic is ordered for intramuscular injection. If the concentration of analgesic available is 8 mg/ml, how many ml should be administered for a dosage of 20 mg?A. 2.0C. 3.0B. 2.5D. 3.5

Accepted Solution

Answer: 2.5 ml for a dosage of 20 mg.Step-by-step explanation:Hello, great question. These types are questions are the beginning steps for learning more advanced Ratio problems.Since this is basically a ratio problem we can use the simple Rule of Three property to solve this problem. The Rule of Three property can be seen in the photo below. Now we just plug in the values and solve for x.  8 mg.   ⇒   1 ml.20 mg.   ⇒   x[tex]\frac{20mg*1ml}{8mg} = 2.5ml[/tex]Now we can see that we should administer a 2.5 ml for a dosage of 20 mg.I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.