Omar ordered his sister a birthday card from a company that randomly selects a card from their inventory. The company has 212121 total cards in inventory. 141414 of those cards are birthday cards.What is \text{P(not a birthday card})P(not a birthday card)start text, P, left parenthesis, n, o, t, space, a, space, b, i, r, t, h, d, a, y, space, c, a, r, d, end text, right parenthesis?If necessary, round your answer to 222 decimal places.

Accepted Solution

Answer:70707 cards are not birthday cards.That's about 33%.Step-by-step explanation:Important information:- total of 212121 cards- 141414 birthday cardsCards that are not birthday cards is represented by the expression212121 - 141414.Solve the expression by subtracting.212121 - 141414 = 70707What percentage of cards are not birthday cards?Divide the # of not-birthday cards by the total # of cards.70707 ÷ 212121 = 0.33333333333